About Us

Choosing a specialization is a once-in-a-lifetime decision towards a successful career! Hence, it is worth knowing what we are designed for, before making this critical choice.

Success in career is highly determined by the skill and attitude. Research indicates that it is easier to build skill than to change attitude. Hence, it is wiser to pick a specialization according to personality orientation, than the other way. My Specialization© is precisely meant for this. It helps the students in picking the specialization according to their personality orientation.

My Specialization© - a statistically validated, psychometric tool- is a guidance instrument that understands students’ orientation and indicates the most appropriate specialization towards a successful career. My Specialization© is a profiling tool, based on personality traits that are most relevant for the professions around the major specializations in management domain, viz. Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Information Technology. It is a psychometric tool, and NOT based on the subject knowledge of the students.

This ground breaking tool is a result of cutting-edge research and rigorous efforts to empower the students of Management education towards an informed and evidence-based decision. The tool identifies the stronger traits in each individual and recommends the most appropriate specialization as against the others. The tool guides the students towards picking the most suited specialization, based on self evaluation, instead of going by the random sources of information.

My Specialization© helps in 2 ways:

  1. If the student has not decided about which specialization to take, he/ she can follow the scores in the report to take a decision.
  2. If the student has already decided about certain specialization, he/ she can evaluate himself/ herself around the traits which matter the most for that specialization.

My Specialization© is the product of Thoughtokrats- a research and consulting firm, with a special focus on management education. All the Best!
Mode of Test: Online
Subscription fee: Rs 500 per test
Duration: 30-40 min